Along with traditional Mediterranean beach sports, THE BEACH PADDLE CO. markets high quality leather sandals and belts and other products handcrafted in Spain. All our shoes, belts and beach tennis sets combine centuries of tradition with the fresh look of the current times.

THE BEACH PADDLE CO. brings to Australia the beauty and quality of Mediterranean beach sports and fashion goods.

Small family run business, THE BEACH PADDLE CO. started in Sydney in 2016 to introduce the original beach paddle ball game in Australia.


High quality, durable and stylish, the beach tennis game is our promise of playfulness without limits.

Handcrafted in La Rioja (Spain) our sets of solid wood paddles bring the true spirit of the beach paddle game.


Born in the shores of Magdalena Beach in Santander, beach paddle ball has been played since 1928. The palas game rapidly expanded into the Mediterranean coast and Southern Europe and it is still played today by all age groups.

If you are looking for new fun beach activities, improving your tan and keeping fit, stop looking! THE BEACH PADDLE CO. offers you the perfect beach game to achieve this.



With a presence in over 30 countries, Miguel Bellido brand finally makes its journey to Australia thanks to THE BEACH PADDLE CO.


Miguel Bellido belts have been handcrafted in Ciudad Real (Spain) since the mid 50’s. Through decades of fine work, Miguel Bellido produces today upmost quality leather and braided belts.

wear you Miguel Bellido belt and show off your waist in style with a combination of the richest suede, leather and multicolored cords.



Right from the Mediterranean shores of Alicante (Spain), POPA sandals set foot in Australia from the hand of



Handcrafted and made out of the richest leather, POPA shoes are a result of a centuries-old technique combined with the creative designs of the new millennium. Fashion and comfort meet style in POPA avarcas, offering a large variety of sandals including platforms and multicolored, funky combinations.

Hard to choose just one? We know it! That is why we will keep updating our collection so that you walk in you preferred POPA shoes.